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So you don t have to pull the rear trigger as far back . But it also means that the notch in the rear trigger doesn t engage as deep into the notch of the front trigger . When set ,.

A flintlock needs a secure method of attaching the flint. There is spirited disagreement on the best way to do this. Whether to use lead or leather is the subject of this study. ... With the lock mounted in the fixture, I set the camera for a 4 second time exposure. I opened the shutter and fired the lock during the 4 second delay.

A good English Flintlock boxlock pistol by Clark London. Circa 1790-1800. Ref 1254. £850.00. A good English Flintlock Boxlock pistol with a screw-off barrel by Ketland & Co London. Ref 1223. £780.00. A good English Flintlock pistol with a screw-off barrel by Plumb of Ross-on-Wye. C.1800.

Hold this in your hand, place a pointed tool (the pressure flaker) on the edge of the stone, and apply an inward pressure to the tool, focusing energy toward the inner area of the flake, usually at a more severe angle of about 45º. You don't want to drive the tool directly toward the center, or it could shatter.

I use this method to get dull flints sharp again when shooting a flintlock rifle in the woods. Here's a link to the tools mentioned in the video: https://www....

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The Flintlock pistol is an early single-shot firearm, the lethal foundation of all modern guns. It was the Long-Range weapon of the Pirate. The Flintlock pistol features a smoothbore barrel and a long, wooden grip ending in a knob. As its name implies, the flintlock pistol was operated by a flintlock mechanism, in which a piece of flint is struck against a steel plate, creating a spark.

In other words, it is going to drill a 0.58″ (15mm) diameter hole right through whatever it hits, probably without a lot of expansion. That is going to hurt. Hit in the chest, you would likely die, hit in an arm or leg, you could easily need it amputated, even with modern medicine. Back in the day, y Continue Reading Robert Furtkamp. .